What To See

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What To See

Check out some of Koh Samui's spectacular range of natural and man made sights.
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Angthong Marine Park

A marine national park in the Gulf of Thailand that encompasses 42 islands in an area of 102km²! A stunning part of the world that really is not to be missed. It plays host to a huge variety of animal and plant life, and also offers visitors a shop, restaurant and plenty of activities, including; snorkelling, kayaking, diving, hiking and camping. Whether you want to jump right in and see the marine wildlife face to face, or sit back and relax watching on from one of the speed boats that take regular trips to the park, in your visit to Samui do not miss out on Angthong Marine Park!

Cultural Landmark

Built in 1972, the Big Buddha Temple is one of Koh Samui’s top attractions; the 12 meter golden statue can be seen from several kilometres away and is often the first discernible sight to visitor’s arriving by air. A religious symbol of Buddha’s enlightenment the statue sees devotees coming to daily worship, but tourists are welcome to come and observe too, and around the base there are vendors selling artefacts and souvenirs, as well as several food stalls and small restaurants. An impressive site and an enjoyable afternoon out.

Natural Wonders

Check out Hin-Ta and Hin-Yai (also known as Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks) located at the south end of Hat Lamai. These rock formations, widely acknowledged to resemble genitals, provide scores of tourists with a good laugh; set to stunning beach and seascapes (if you need another reason to visit!).

For a truly sublime visual experience visit Samui’s tallest waterfall, Nam Tok Na Muang, at 30m high water cascades from above over ethereal purple rocks in a truly breath-taking manner; plus it makes a wonderful place to swim at the base.